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End up with what you LOVE

When you think of eco friendly, what prices do you think of? 
Most will answer: $$$

Since 2016 I've started thinking more and more about the products I buy- what are they made of, where do they come from? I've discovered too many of our everyday necessities are now made out of low quality materials, don't last long, and it's all so it can be available for less money.

I now have the mindset I'd rather pay a little more upfront for an item that will last years, instead of just a few months, which in the end all balances out and I end up with an item I LOVE. 

Everyday Pure Baby is a collection of necessities for babies, toddlers, and kids. I feel like the world has created the perception that kids need all sorts of "stuff".
+ "Stuff" to keep them occupied and busy 24/7
+ "Stuff" to keep them unique everyday
+ "Stuff" to keep them safe.

Just do a quick search on toddler "essentials"- it's crazy!

What our little ones really want is love + happiness.

I love items that can be passed down from child to child which lowers your environmental impact and
simplifies your life and home